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BE.offline is identical with the current website in form and contents, at present with exception of the search functions. The download is available for individual usage.

A single archive file is provided, which has to be unpacked at an arbitrary directory on the local hard disk. The internal directory structure need not to be altered. The file Index.htm contains the homepage.

According to the focus of BinaryEssence different data formats are presented. For compressing the Freeware application 7-Zip was used. At least the ZIP formats should be processed by the most common applications.

Download BE.offline (Version of 22 April 2005)

File Size and Format Memory Decoder
BEoffline.ppm34.7z 511,015 byte
7-Zip (PPM)
34 MByte
BEoffline.7z 518,324 byte
7-Zip (LZMA)
4 Mbyte
BEoffline.tar.bz2 542,963 byte
7 Mbyte 560,400 byte
TAR-ZIP (Deflate64™)
2 Mbyte 571,985 byte
TAR-ZIP (Deflate)
2 Mbyte 899,411 byte
ZIP (Deflate)
2 Mbyte

Copyright © 2004-2005 Roger Seeck · All rights reserved.
Copying and transfer of the data into networks is prohibited.

In order to achieve a better compression, an uncompressed TAR file was created prior to generating the ZIP files. This way the compression is processed exceeding the file boundaries, which offers a clearly better result for the given file structure. On the other hand the file must be extracted twice for decoding (ZIP > TAR > original data).


BE.offline is provided only for the individual, local use. The data may be neither changed nor copied or transferred into networks in any form. It is exclusively permitted to load the data via this website. All data of this website both in their online and in their offline form (BE.offline) are subject to the copyright.


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